Julie Ramseier | 2014 | Interns

Julie Ramseier (’15)

San Francisco, CA

Rich and Kathleen Levin Intern

Biological Engineering Major

The World Bank Group

This summer I interned at the World Bank where I completed an exciting research project focused on using cutting-edge technologies to improve health service delivery in low- and middle-income countries. Through my research I developed a vision for how information technologies and novel diagnostic tools could be applied to overcome the health system challenges of resource-limited environments. Interning in the World Bank’s Health Unit gave me the unique opportunity to gain insight on health system burdens from experts from around the world. Additionally, I conducted an extensive literature review to learn about recent health technology innovation trends and I generated ideas for how new technologies could be applied to disrupt current healthcare delivery processes. I also reached out to MIT researchers to gain more valuable information about the direction of certain health technologies. My project culminated in a presentation to the World Bank’s Health and Finance teams, in which I demonstrated the potential application of these technologies to specific health system needs.

Interning at the World Bank was an eye-opening experience. Not only did I learn about a myriad of technologies from different industries with health applications, but also, and more importantly, my project gave me an opportunity to think creatively about the impact these technologies can have on entire health systems. Though my work centered on the developing world, researching health technology innovation trends has also provided insight into health system needs in the U.S., and I am excited to continue thinking about how technology can improve healthcare delivery.