Di Jin | 2012 | Interns

Di Jin (’13)

Aldie, VA

Environmental Engineering Major

American Meteorological Society

This summer I worked at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and conducted cost-benefit analysis on Malaria Early Warning Systems and weather prediction services that protect hospitals from catastrophic weather events. I was also able to attend a specialist scientific conference, a NOAA hearing, and a few meetings with other agencies like NOAA and the World Bank. Over the two months, I have learned about the need for scientific evidence in policy-making process, the interdependency among technical agencies, and the importance of communication between technicians and policy makers, all of which are valuable knowledge that contribute to my understanding of the role of science in policy making and how technical experts exert influence on the nation at large.

As an environmental engineering major, I believe in the combined power of scientific advancement and political guidance regarding societal benefits. The DC internship allowed me to truly understand this situation. I feel that with this valuable experience, I am able to see things around MIT with new insights, and I feel that a few new traces of the vision of my own future have been sparked.