Abdulhamid Haidar | 2013 | Interns

Abdulhamid Haidar (’15)

Yabroud, Syria

Economics and Computer Science and Engineering Majors

International Monetary Fund

This summer, I had the privilege of working at the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund. Specifically, I interned at the Economic Modeling Division, where I worked with a new semi-structural DSGE model of the global economy. I was involved in calibrating and improving the model, simulating the domestic and spillover effects of various economic policies, and producing reports for policy analysis and publication. I also contributed to policy comparison and data presentation software tools.

Through meetings and talks with economists and senior managers in various departments, I was able to acquire a deep understanding of the role of the International Monetary Fund in the global economic policy sphere, as well as the many political and economic challenges that are faced, both in developed and developing nations. Moreover, I was also able to see first-hand how my group's efforts contributed to affecting policy around the world, which was very exciting. Beyond the economic training and learning - which was a great supplement to my education at MIT - I gained invaluable advice and mentorship from my colleagues throughout the internship.

Apart from working at the IMF, the seminars and lectures of the program were a valuable addition to my summer, and provided great insight into the many actors and forces at play in the US policymaking process.

Overall, my summer in DC was an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience, and I strongly encourage anyone interested in policy to participate in the program.