Aliya Dincer | 2013 | Interns

Aliya Dincer (’14)

Belmont, MA

Dana Mead Intern

Brain and Cognitive Science Major

The World Bank Group

During the internship program I worked at the World Bank in the Human Development sector of the Latin America and the Caribbean region on a project to combat teenage obesity in Mexico. My role was to analyze the impact of the project on the obesity rate of the population we were testing. It was a fantastic opportunity to sink my teeth into rigorous empirical analysis of the impact of social programs for the first time. I developed an appreciation for data-driven social policy, and was able to see first hand how to design, implement, and analyze research about how to take care of a population.

The World Bank taught me how to think critically about data and statistics in the context of humanitarian work, which is a skill that I will definitely carry with me moving forward. My work at the WB has inspired me to pursue social entrepreneurship and social policy work in health and education, with a focus on human capital. I'm very grateful to have worked with such talented people, and to have learned so much.