Benson George | 2011 | Interns

Benson George (’12)

East Meadow, NY

Dana Mead Intern

Biology Major

Department of Defense

This summer I was fortunate to apply the critical thinking skills MIT has equipped me with in an environment that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. As a biology major and a pre-medical student, I was initially startled by the opportunity to work for the Department of Defense in the Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation (CAPE) group. However, I realized that I might not stumble across this opportunity again in the future, so I grabbed it.

My experience in CAPE was unique, very educational and extremely influential in my future career decisions. I spent the summer analyzing and modeling the medical triage efforts necessary to respond to a nuclear terrorist attack. Although I was not familiar with the project initially, I was quickly able to grasp the necessary concepts and become a contributor to my team. I had the possibility to enter an internship elsewhere where I could apply my biological background, but in hindsight, I am glad I chose not to. Instead of applying my knowledge in situations which I am likely to encounter in the future, the MIT-DC program provided me with a learning opportunity to perform work that I may have never came across.

Because my experience was so positive and educational, I uncovered a career field that I never imagined. In the future I hope to apply my biological degree and medical interests in the defense arena.