Kathy Cheng | 2011 | Interns

Kathy Cheng (’12)

East Brunswick, NJ

Economics and Urban Studies and Planning Major

US Small Business Administration

Hi my name is Kathy Cheng and this summer I worked in the Office of Investment at the US Small Business Administration (SBA). My experiences at SBA gave me great exposure to the different elements of entrepreneurial ecosystem in the United States. I had the opportunity to see how the government interacts with the different players, including lending institutions, incubators and accelerators, mentor organizations and the entrepreneurs themselves. Because most of my work revolved around the White House and inter-agency effort, Startup America, I also got the unique opportunity to see how the Administration as a whole is working promote high growth entrepreneurship across the country. Coming from a background in Economics and Urban Planning, and an interest in pursuing the idea of how to use business for good, I thought that my experiences from the summer were invaluable in seeing the spectrum of interesting work being done across the country, understanding the role of the government, and having the opportunity to work with people who had a vested interest in my career development. Interestingly enough, my summer at SBA also helped me realize how important MIT is in the entrepreneurial world. I found that people had great respect for the many programs and approaches we have at MIT in addition to the sheer number of great innovations to come from our school.