Grace Endy | 2022 | Interns

Grace Endy

Grace Endy (’25)

Easton, PA

Chemical Engineering Major

Environmental Defense Fund

This summer I was fortunate enough to intern at the Environmental Defense Fund as a member of the Climate Science Team under the Office of the Chief Scientist. I also worked closely with the cross-field Hydrogen Core Team, which gave me the opportunity to observe how scientific study informs policy development, and vice versa. I had two major projects over the course of the summer. The first was developing a database of the renewable energy capacity of a variety of countries and U.S. states, both currently and as projected in the future. The second involved quantifying the difference in energy efficiency between electric and hydrogen technologies for numerous transport, heating, and stationary power applications. Both projects assisted my development of critical research and communication skills. With the energy efficiency work in particular, I was able to supplement my findings with an exploration of other energy-related considerations, all of which provided a broad foundation of knowledge to support policy creation. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience and from it gained a better understanding of how to combine my interests in energy science and policy.