Patrick Whartenby | 2022 | Interns

Patrick Whartenby

Patrick Whartenby (’24)

Pittsburgh, PA

Rich and Kathleen Levin Intern

Computer Science and Engineering Major

Systems Planning and Analysis

This summer I worked at Systems, Planning & Analysis, Inc. SPA is a federal contractor whose main clients are organizations within the US national security enterprise. The group I worked in is called the Undersea Technology Assessment Group (UTAG). UTAG supports the Navy and other government organizations with timely and objective analytical assessment and provides mature, fully-integrated analysis and planning products that reflect all of the factors important to decision makers. I conducted research relating to a contract that the group was working on. This included research on U.S. deterrence strategies, the naval budgetary process, and the relationship between civil rights and intrastate conflict. Gaining a better understanding of these topics was particularly relevant to me as I am in AFROTC and interested in civil-military relations.