Kaila Pfrang | 2020 | Interns

Kalia Pfrang

Kaila Pfrang (’21)

Suffolk, VA

Aeronautics and Astronautics Major

Secure World Foundation

I worked as a policy research intern with Secure World Foundation which focuses on the long term sustainability of space through various topic areas and strives to bring people together to learn, communicate, and build greater understanding. I worked on a variety of projects this summer, mostly focusing on counterspace issues, such as creating a database of the history of anti-satellite tests and the paralleled creation of orbital debris of these tests. I also developed a multitude of fact sheets detailing various countries’ anti-satellite and counter space activities in order to provide a full understanding of current events while aiming to subside misconceptions and future miscalculations. I was able attend a few amazing virtual international events as well and overall truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many passionate individuals aiming to make the space community and future of space safe and successful. I learned a lot about the conversations and concerns of space and am excited to hopefully carry those insights forward into the engineering and policy fields.