Leanne Galanek | 2020 | Interns

Leanne Galanek

Leanne Galanek (’21)

Plymouth, MA

Gail and Michael Marcus Intern

Nuclear Science and Engineering Major

Nuclear Energy Institute

I spent the summer working at the Nuclear Energy Institute, a non-partisan, member-funded trade association that serves members of the nuclear industry. Much of the work done by NEI is to act as an interface between members of industry, Congress, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, with the overall goal to advance and better the nuclear industry both domestically and abroad. I worked under the Generation and Suppliers division and was able to attend many industry meetings as well as Congressional hearings related to current topics in nuclear. I worked on developing a novel fee structure for new micro-reactors, as well as on a few smaller projects regarding non-ligh​t water reactor licensing and technical review of probable risk assessment used for classifying safety systems in nuclear plants. I was able to better understand the industry from a regulatory and policy standpoint, something that is not focused on in my technical classes. NEI was a wonderful and extremely welcoming workplace, and I was incredibly lucky to meet and work with so many professionals in the nuclear field.