Edwin Song | 2021 | Interns

Edwin Song

Edwin Song (’22)

Basking Ridge, NJ

Dana Mead Intern

Mathematics & Economics

Federal Reserve Board

This summer I interned at the Federal Reserve Board in the Financial Structure section of the Division of Research and Statistics. The section deals with the effect of bank mergers on financial market competition and the stability of our financial system and advises the Board of Governors when they decide bank merger cases. I assisted Board economist Jennifer Dlugosz on a research project studying the phenomenon of banks that set deposit rates uniformly across all their branches instead of tailoring rates to local market conditions. I read papers and coded in R and Stata to quantify the prevalence of uniform rate setting and develop an index of how uniformly each bank prices, which can be used to analyze how uniform pricing affects bank mergers and eventually to refine theĀ Board's decisions. I hope to pursue a career in economic research and my internship has shown me one great way to have a tangible policy impact while doing so!