Megan Eberts | 2022 | Interns

Megan Eberts

Megan Eberts (’24)

Columbus, OH

Computation and Cognition Major

Gryphon Scientific

I interned with Gryphon Scientific, a global health and security research and consulting firm. Over the course of the summer, I worked on multiple projects concerning biosafety, biosecurity, and emerging biotechnologies. Working alongside scientists with differing professional backgrounds, I was exposed to creative ways to approach and execute projects centered around important health and security questions. For instance, what might a research organization need to consider when implementing a cybersecurity system? To answer this question, Gryphon is constructing a roadmap to facilitate the implementation of international cybersecurity best practices for these organizations. This summer, I contributed to this project by way of conducting research on cybersecurity policy. This project exemplifies how open-ended Gryphon’s work can be, requiring myself and other Gryphon employees to employ creative problem-solving techniques. Meanwhile, other projects I worked on this summer involved more well-defined tasks such as reviewing scientific literature to answer a client’s question, often coming from within the U.S. government. All in all, my experience at Gryphon was extremely enjoyable and educational. In fact, I enjoyed my time at Gryphon so much that I will be continuing my work into the fall semester.