Jiwon Park | 2016 | Interns

Jiwon Park (’17)

Fort Wayne, IN

Dana Mead Intern

Chemistry Major

The World Bank Group

This summer I worked at the World Bank Group as a consultant in the Global Social Urban, Rural and Resilience Unit, focusing on climate change and solid waste management. I built an online solid waste management knowledge repository to facilitate knowledge sharing for solid waste experts at the World Bank across all waste topics and regions. This online platform includes Terms of References for World Bank solid waste projects, news content, comprehensive summary of all active and pipeline solid waste projects, interactive map of projects, and solid waste related publications. In addition, I prepared case studies to highlight World Bank solid waste projects across 5 continents and provide contextual analysis on solid waste interventions for solid waste consultants and staff. In order to facilitate dialogue on the health concerns of solid waste in developing countries, I organized a seminar on the ‘Impact of Solid Waste on Public Health’ for World Bank staff and external leaders working on solid waste. I invited speakers from McKinsey & Company, World Health Organization, and the World Bank, and the seminar was attended virtually and in-person by staff at the World Bank in DC, Uruguay and Argentina, in addition to the Ministry of Health in Bolivia. Outside of solid waste related work, I conducted policy analysis for CURB, a climate scenario-planning tool developed by the World Bank to help cities prioritize low carbon actions and investments. The analysis was focused on climate-related policies in the province of Tamil Nadu in India, and will help mayors develop new climate actions that align with provincial and national standards. Overall, the internship was a great opportunity for me to explore international development in a policy setting and meet policymakers in various sectors.