Logan Abel | 2016 | Interns

Logan Abel (’18)

Ames. IA

Gail and Michael Marcus Intern

Nuclear Science and Engineering Major

Nuclear Energy Institute

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work at the Department of Energy in the Office of Nuclear Energy. My time was split between two offices, the Office of International Nuclear Energy Policy and Cooperation (INEPC) and the Office of Advanced Reactor Technologies (ART). INEPC handles international cooperation and industry support within nuclear and ART focuses on nuclear reactor research and development. Within these departments my responsibilities included reviewing funding proposals, providing various summaries, analysis, and feedback, attending meetings, workshops, and conferences, and a number of other administrative tasks. I thoroughly enjoyed working in both of these offices and exploring the intricacies of the multi-faceted work that happens.

I personally had the chance to learn a significant amount about where the US stands in terms of nuclear research and development and where we see ourselves heading as we move into the future. I also met many dedicated and driven people and gained a fuller picture of the nuclear landscape.