Anthony McHugh | 2015 | Interns

Anthony McHugh (’16)

Indianapolis, IN

Dana Mead Intern

Civil and Environmental Engineering Major

General Services Administration

Over the summer I worked for two different project teams at the General Services Administration's Public Building Service. The first team was responsible for the Consolidation of the FBI Headquarters by exchanging the J. Edgar Hoover Building for a new building in the suburbs. I joined the team in the middle of the procurement process, during which the GSA publishes a Request for Proposals to select a developer who will take the contract. Additionally, the team is responsible for publishing an Environmental Impact Statement, which includes the consideration of historic resources. My focus was in facilitating the public process laid out for evaluating the impact of the project on historic resources. The second team was responsible for overseeing the rehabilitation of the St. Elizabeth's West Campus into a site suitable for the Department of Homeland Security. St. Elizabeth's is a mental institution built in the 1850's and is registered as an historic landmark. By spending time on the construction site at St. Elizabeth's, I was able to observe how the measures to preserve historic resources laid out in the public process are enacted during construction.