Dou Dou | 2015 | Interns

Dou Dou (’17)

Guangzhou, China

Mechanical Engineering Major

The World Bank Group

This summer I worked as a consultant at the World Bank Group in Transportation in the East Asia & Pacific Region. During my internship, I helped my team conduct a study on benchmarking global transit level of service indicators, using open transit data and Open Transit Indicators (OTI), an open-source free software developed by our team previously. Transit system level of service indicators are important index to evaluate the performance of the transit system and to evaluate the transit network in order to carry out improvement strategies. Our group developed methodologies and tools that adapted open source resources and open transit data to help our global counterparts save resources and money on generating these indicators. I believe that our work was especially valuable as it promotes country governments to enter a transparent open data era in terms of transportation planning and information sharing, and could potentially change the way transport agencies and partners like the World Bank conduct planning and evaluation for transportation projects. I’ve had an incredible experience at the World Bank this summer, and I’m very grateful for the DC Internship Program to provide me the chance to enter a new field of knowledge and truly make a difference.