Chase Reid | 2021 | Interns

Chase Reid

Chase Reid (’22)

Wolwich Township, NJ

Dana Mead Intern


Lincoln Network

Working at the Lincoln Network gave me an unprecedented opportunity to explore matters of tech, industrial and regulatory policy (with considerable latitude). When I wasn’t intimately acquainting myself with the history of DARPA and helping to uncover forced labor in supply chains, I was assisting our teams with testimonies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and memos to the Government Accountability Office. As a policy associate, not only was I entrusted with making original contributions to the corpus of work on issues ranging from concentration in the tech sector to tech clusters, but I was given the opportunity to connect with luminaries in these respective domains. Sponsoring my brief stint at the Lincoln Network was American Moment—a newly founded organization seeking to upend the established array of conservative organizations in Washington D.C. by educating and credentialing young Americans who yearn for a conservatism that adequately meets our present national needs and vigorously defends what we cherish. To work in DC is to do more than just work--it’s to grow, as both a thinker and a steward to our shared inheritance.