Liberty Ladd | 2021 | Interns

Liberty Ladd

Liberty Ladd (’23)

Cambridge, MA

Dana Mead Intern

Mechanical Engineering & Political Science

Senator Jon Ossoff's Office

This summer I interned for U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff from Georgia. I was a member of his judiciary policy legislative team, which covered policy topics such as civil rights, immigration, antitrust, privacy, technology, and voting rights. I had the opportunity to draft memorandums for Judiciary Committee hearings on judicial nominees, write co-sponsorship recommendations for legislation, and create informational briefings for members of the legislative team. One particularly interesting policy initiative was the House Anti-Trust Package, as it related directly to my coursework at MIT and to current events. It was incredibly rewarding to contribute to policies that impact Americans’ everyday lives, such as the infrastructure package and the budget reconciliation process. I hope to continue combining my love for engineering and service as I start my career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force or Space Force.