Kiara Wahnschafft | 2021 | Interns

Kiara Wahnschafft

Kiara Wahnschafft (’22)

Boston, MA

Dana Mead Intern

Economics & Mechanical Engineering

Department of Energy

As an intern for the Department of Energy I worked on advancing plans for achieving decarbonization of the U.S. building sector. For my first project, I focused on advancing modern low-carbon construction solutions such as modular or even 3D-printed construction. Specifically, I created a blueprint for a "whole-of-government" approach to deploying these technologies, wherein multiple stakeholders like the U.S. Department of Housing, Department of Energy, and even White House Council on Environmental Quality would collaborate. For my second project, with the goal of supporting the DOE in determining where to use its resources to increase the use of low-carbon heating solutions, I developed a state scorecard that assessed each state's current readiness for heat pump adoption. Over the summer, I got the chance to interview members of many national labs as well as individuals across several departments in completing the two projects, which gave me a much deeper understanding of a variety of sectors in our government and their many synergies.