Cameron McCord | 2011 | Interns

Cameron McCord (’13)

Springfield, VA

Gail and Michael Marcus Intern

Nuclear Science and Engineering Major

Nuclear Regulatory Council

During my summer internship experience in Washington DC, I worked for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on a Risk-Informed Performance-Based Task Force. The goal of the task force was to re-evaluate and propose alternatives to the current regulatory structure for nuclear power plants in light of various recent technological advances. I was able to apply my knowledge and interest in advanced and future reactors to the task force's work and contribute directly to its goal. After producing multiple important documents for the task force and presenting my cumulative summer project, an analysis on current and potential regulations for advanced reactors, to several members of the Commission, I was able to clearly see how my work had made a valid contribution to the agency.

Working at the NRC was the perfect opportunity to see the vast amounts of theoretical and technical knowledge that an education at MIT provides in action in both government and industry. Whether it was attending hearings on The Hill, going to dinner with a Senator, or engaging with various guest speakers, I was able to truly start learning how Washington works.

My summer experience was a great match for my immediate career goals as a Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer by providing me with valuable insight into safely regulating and operating nuclear power. In the long term, I intend to be an advocate and leader in the energy sector, and I think my work this summer will play a significant part in reaching that goal.