Pranav Ramkrishnan | 2011 | Interns

Pranav Ramkrishnan (’13)

Mumbai, India

Dana Mead Intern

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Economics Major

The World Bank Group

This summer I worked for the Africa- Private Sector Development group at the World Bank. As a Computer Science major with a minor in Economics, working with stellar economists at the Bank was a highly rewarding experience. I worked on two different projects at the Bank. The first one was a study on how resources are allocated amongst firms and markets in developing nations; the second was setting up a youth employment program in Togo. My experiences not only opened my eyes to the functioning of a multilateral organization like the World Bank, but also showed me the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in implementing policy changes. I have always had a great interest in politics, but living and working in DC was like being in the midst of it all!