Di (Judy) Deng | 2013 | Interns

Di (Judy) Deng (’14)

Charlotte, NC

Material Science and Engineering Major

The World Bank Group

This summer I worked at the World Bank in their South Asia Sustainable Development Unit. For the first part of the internship I traveled to Bhutan as part of a new Flagship program my department is working on. The program strives to connect key policymakers and practitioners from the 8 South Asian countries to create a platform for idea exchange. This workshop was the third of its series and drew focus on issues of affordable land and housing. I had the chance to meet amazing people from Bhutan and all around South Asia. This trip opened my eyes to the issues of urban planning that many developing cities have to deal with.

Upon my return I began working on data analysis and mapping of poverty data for Sri Lanka and India. The goal was to find trends between poverty indicators and urbanization. Eventually my results will be used as part of the Flagship report. Additionally, I worked on studying the economy and industry of Uttar Pradesh for a report on development studies for the state.