Emma Bingham | 2018 | Interns

Emma Bingham

Emma Bingham (’19)

Wilmington, NC

Rich and Kathleen Levin Intern

Physics Major

Government Accountability Office

This summer I worked in the Government Accountability Office in their Center for Science, Technology, and Engineering. I primarily provided support for a technology assessment on water and agriculture. This included participating in interviews with officials from other organizations and agencies, such as USGS and the Western States Water Council, and analyzing data from multiple sources, e.g. the USDA’s Census of Agriculture and Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey. I also regularly sat in on meetings around the organization to learn about the work of other teams on topics from asbestos to software development to K-12 education. Through my experiences this summer I got a taste of what it’s like to work in the federal government and learned about career paths in Washington for those with a science and technology background.