Whitney Zhang | 2018 | Interns

Whitney Zhang

Whitney Zhang (’21)

Gilroy, CA

Dana Mead Intern

Mathematical Economics Major

World Bank Group

This summer I worked at the World Bank in its Development Impact Evaluation Group, which evaluates the impact of World Bank and other Multilateral Development Bank projects. I primarily worked on two projects. The first was a study of the effectiveness of improvements of Tunisian economic corridors on their surrounding areas. For this I primarily worked with geospatial data and made a lot of data visualizations. The second was setting up a program to collect and verify data about accidents in Nairobi, Kenya. I was involved in improving the survey we were using and conducting high frequency checks on the incoming data.

Overall I really loved my time at the Bank. It was amazing how mission driven everyone there was, and how diverse the staff was. This was especially apparent since it was during the World Cup, and so there would always be at least one person supporting their home country for each game. I made many great friends and learned a ton — 10/10 would recommend, especially if you manage to go during a World Cup summer.