Tarun Kamath | 2018 | Interns

Tarun Kamath

Tarun Kamath (’20)

Alexandria, VA

Jeffrey L. Pressman Intern

Brain and Cognitive Sciences Major

US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee

This past summer I interned at the House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, specifically the Subcommittees on Oversight and Social Security. My main project for this summer was helping plan and prepare for a hearing on Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse. My day-to-day activities consisted of answering the phone for the Committee, summarizing memos by other governmental bodies on Medicare fraud, and writing documents such as speeches, background memos, and questions for the hearing. I spent a great deal of my spare time meeting with other staffers around Capitol Hill, researching policy topics outside of my project that I found particularly interesting, and attending lectures for interns. Working on the Hill provided a great opportunity for me to see the heart of the policymaking process and the nitty gritty politics that are involved in this process.