Asia Hypsher | 2019 | Interns

Asia Hypsher

Asia Hypsher (’21)

Marietta, GA

Dana Mead Intern

Chemical Engineering Major

Congressional Research Service

This summer I interned in the Environmental Policy section of the Congressional Research Service (CRS). CRS, housed in the Library of Congress, informs the legislative debate by serving as the authoritative, timely, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan source of information for Congress. My primary responsibilities included collaborating with Environmental Policy Analysts and Specialists to write a short report about the legislative history of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, update a Vehicle Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Standards Report with recent Trump-era rulings, and respond to requests for information from Congressional staff. I enjoyed working with analysts and specialists with strong technical backgrounds and a passion for helping Congress stay informed with objective and nonpartisan information.